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October 25th, 2019

Custom Flag Company Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday countdown has officially begun:

  • 6 days until Halloween
  • 34 days until Thanksgiving
  • 61 days until Christmas
  • 67 days until New Years Day

For those of you who are Christmas fanatics, lets break that down even further:

  • 2 months
  • 9 Saturdays & Sundays
  • 61 days
  • 1,464 hours
  • 87,840 minutes
  • 5,270,400 seconds

Should we keep going, or is that plenty?

Typically we all shop for the holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but that time is short this year, let’s put that timeframe into perspective:

  • 4 Saturdays & Sundays
  • 27 days
  • 648 hours
  • 38,880 minutes
  • 2,332,800 seconds

Have I stressed you out enough? Well I shouldn’t have, because it is only October 25th. I have given you plenty of time to start thinking about gifts. If you struggle with coming up with ideas I have put together a guide to help you!

For those who are hard to buy for/ The person who has everything:

We all know this person, they buy what they want when they want. When the holidays come around, they don’t want anything. Here are a few ideas for that person:

Wall Mounted Flagpoles: These are perfect for the side of the house or building. A great way to display your American Pride, favorite sports teams, or your favorite flag

US Flag: Maybe this person already has a flagpole, they might need a new US Flag to fly on their pole for the flag holidays.

State Flag: Some states love representing their state flag, especially Colorado. We have every state flag in stock.

Custom Flag: Is there any design this person would love to have on a flag? We can help design and make the flag!

The patriotic friend or family member:

Military Flags: Depending on the person you are buying will determine which military flag they will want. We have all military flags including the Army flag, Air Force flag, Coast Guard flag, Marine Corps flag, Navy flag, and POW MIA flag.

Thin Blue Line Flag: This flag represents police officers who put their life on the line everyday. If you need to buy for someone in law enforcement, this is the perfect flag.

Don’t Tread on me Flag: Also know as the Gadsden flag, this flag has a special meaning to many people and could be a great gift.

Custom Flag Company Holiday Gift Guide


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