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October 22nd, 2019

Crazy Wind!

We had some crazy wind over the weekend.  Nobody likes wind. As it was howling it reminded me of some basic flag and flagpole care.

  1. Remove Flag – If you know some big winds are coming, take your flag down. This one step will help extend the life of your flag tremendously.
  2. Check the Rope – Whether you took your flag down or not, it is a good idea to check out the rope after high winds. If the rope is showing signs of wear or fraying, consider re-stringing your flagpole before the rope breaks. The rope can be replaced from the ground if it is still intact. Waiting for the rope to break requires getting to the top of the flagpole to re-rope, which costs significantly more.
  3. Look at your flag – is it beginning to fray or tatter? If so, the flag can be cleaned and mended to prolong the life of the flag.

If your flag, flagpole, or rope took a beating, we are here to help you with your flag and flagpole maintenance.

Crazy Wind

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