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October 17th, 2019

How Much Is a Custom Flag?

Common questions we are asked by a potential or current customer searching for a custom flag:

Why do I see custom flag priced at $25?
How is the price of a custom flag determined?
Can I get a cheap custom flag?

Pricing for custom flags varies.

7 elements that determine the cost of a custom flag:

  1. Size
  2. Quantity
  3. Material
  4. Finish
  5. Single Side Reverse, Double Sided, or Single Side
  6. Printed Custom Flag or Appliqued Custom Flag (hand sewn)
  7. US Made or Imported

Flag Size

It’s obvious a 12”x18” custom flag will cost less than a 5’x8’ flag. Right? The most popular custom flag size is 3’x5’.

Quantity of Flags

One flag cost the most. Two flags are the same price as one flag. Three flags cost 20% less than the single flag size. When buying six flags the discount is about 35% less than one quantity one price. Quantity 12 is the sweet spot; it is almost half of the one-off price.

Digital Printed or Sewn Custom Flag

Printed flags cost less than hand sewn flags. Here is why: Printed flags are a very popular option for making a custom flag. We use a state of the art Reggiani digital printer with UV resistant inks. The complexity of the design and the number of colors are unlimited with digital printed custom flags. Sewn, or appliqued flags are hand-sewn flags made with intricate detail. Every flag is individually assembled and hand sewn with layering fabric on fabric and color options are limited.

Flag Material

200 denier nylon is our most popular fabric to make a flag due to its strength and durability. When looking for an economical option, we would suggest a poly-knit fabric.

Flag Finish 

A flag with Header and Grommets is the standard flag finishing option. We can also finish flags with a pole sleeve for indoor or parade use, hemmed around all four sides. If you need a custom finish, we can help.

Single Side Reverse, Double Sided or Single Side

  • Single side reverse flags read correct on the front of the flag and are a mirror image on the back. This is our most popular option of custom flags.
  • Double sided flags are two flags sewn back to back with a liner providing a flag that reads correctly on both sides. This is our most expensive option of a custom flag.
  • A single sided flag is a print on one side, blank on the back. This option may sound like an economical option but is the same price as the single side reverse flag.

US Made or Imported Flag

Occasionally, we have a request to provide a large run of low cost custom flags. Typically the flag quality is not an issue as the customer is giving them away. Although it is not our first choice, sourcing imported flags costs less than US made flags when purchasing more than 500.

3’x5’ Custom Flag Pricing

  • Digital Printed on Nylon Material
  • Finished with Header and Grommets
  • Single Side Reverse
  • Made in the USA

Remember, the price can go up or down depending on your exact need.

Click here to receive a quote for a new custom flag.

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