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October 16th, 2019

Boss’s Day

What is Boss’s Day and why should we celebrate it?

Boss’s day is one day a year we can show our director, employer, supervisor, or whomever you report to some appreciation. I don’t think we give our boss’s enough credit. Everyday they cherish and thank us for the work we do. So today we are thanking them for the work they do.

How to show your boss your appreciation today:

  • a simple ‘thank you’
  • a gift card
  • flowers
  • a personalized card
  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • coffee

What brings joy to your boss? Even the smallest gesture can go a long way.

To the boss’s at CFC: Kim & Chris,

We can’t thank you enough for the support and encouragement you provide us each and everyday whether or not we are in the office. We appreciate your compassion and the fact that you are always open and willing to listen.


Boss's Day

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