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October 11th, 2019

Hole Guide for Flagpoles

Are you considering installing your own flagpole? If so, how big of hole do you need?

Here is a guide to help determine how deep and wide of a hole is needed for your flagpole. These measurements are the manufacturer recommended specifications for permanent flagpole installations.

15’ Flagpole
2’ 6” deep
20” wide

20’ Flagpole
3’6” deep
24” wide

25’ Flagpole
3’6” deep
30” wide

30’ Flagpole
3’6” deep
30” wide

35’ Flagpole
4’ deep
35” wide

40’ Flagpole
4’6” deep
48” wide

50’ Flagpole
5’6” deep
60” wide

60’ Flagpole
6’ 10” deep
72” wide

70’ Flagpole
8’ deep
72” wide

A friendly reminder to ALWAYS CALL BEFORE YOU DIG! You must receive clearance of any underground utilities, even when digging just a few inches.

We have a service department that digs holes every day. If you need assistance digging your hole or installing your flagpole, give us a call or fill out our form!

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