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September 10th, 2019

How To Inspect Your Rope

Something we don’t think about until it breaks is flagpole rope. Then we are left with an empty pole because the rope frayed and broke. Some questions we frequently get asked are:

How often do I check my rope?

Checking your rope once or twice a year can help prevent rope breaking completely. After a wind storm is also important, the rope gets pulled way more than on a normal day. Another time to check rope is when you change out your flag, this is a good preventative measure to ensure your rope still has enough life left.

Where does rope break most often?

The best place to check for fraying is right above the top snap hook. This is where the rope sits in the pulley, because there is constant contact between the rope and the pulley, rope is most likely to break in that spot.

Why do I need to check my rope for fraying?

There are two things that can happen with rope. First, without frequent inspection, the rope will break. This results in a more expensive service call because we need to access the top of the flagpole to get the rope back through the pulley. However, with continual inspection, the service call will be significantly less because we can change the rope from the ground.

Who changes out rope?

We do! Here at Custom Flag Company, we have a full service team that can easily change out your rope. If you need help inspecting your rope, we also offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service agreements. If a service agreement is not necessary, we are happy to change out your rope when you feel it is time.


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