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September 4th, 2019

Different Uses of Custom Banners

Tis the season for banners.

Over the past week we have provided vinyl banners for various occasions.

Northglenn High School

At Northglenn High School they spell out N-O-R-T-H-G-L-E-N-N on their football field with mesh banners, one for each letter. They have not displayed banners the last couple years because they had some letters stolen. Specifically, the letter “N”, all three to be exact. This year they decided to replace the stolen letters, we were able to match colors with existing banners to allow them to spell Northglenn again.

Golf Tournaments

Sponsorship’s are a big deal for golf tournaments. An easy way to expose and recognize those sponsors is by using a banner. This is a great way to put all sponsors in one place, on the banner, and hang it in an area where everyone can see it.

Avenue Street Banners

Neighborhoods or shopping centers typically hang avenue street banners to promote the neighborhood or an event going on in the area. These were ordered for a neighborhood in Northern Colorado, they have a community center along with a restaurant. This is a way for the community to show visibility and promote the facilities within the neighborhood.

 Concert Goer

We had an inquiry to have flags made for a customer who was going to a concert in Australia. He wanted to get signatures on the flag, but with the time frame he had, there would not have been enough time to make a flag. A banner was the solution, it is easier to write on, and the production time is faster than a flag. He ended up getting 4 banners made, and he received them just in time for his flight to Australia.

Avenue Banners

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