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August 22nd, 2019

Field Runner Flags

Is it just me, or do you notice more and more flags at sporting events? I know that with my profession, I should take notice of flags, but I have noticed field flags at almost every sporting event I have attended lately.

Field runner flags were first common at college football games. Then field flags began to be a novelty at NFL games. Now, it seems weird if a high school team doesn’t have a flag. Now youth football teams are showing their team spirit with mascot flags.

Field runner flags, or spirit flags are used in pre-game opening, half-time shows, and after big plays.  These flags are fully customizable to suit your spirit needs. Design ideas include single letter flags that spell a word, team mascot, or simply, the initials of the school or team. Typical material is nylon and it is finished with a closed top pole sleeve. We do make double sided spirit flags, but depending on the size, they can get pretty heavy to carry. We offer several solutions for poles to use with the runner flag.

The time is now to order the flag before the season opener!






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