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August 20th, 2019

Leveraging Payment Apps To Buy Flags

How do you handle splitting a check at dinner when no one has cash? Does everyone throw in their credit card? That is an option, or you have one person pay,and everyone can venmo that person their share. Through the years here at CFC we have worked with our fair share of large group orders. Such as, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family reunions, military units, sports teams and more.  These are all fun and exciting, but tough when when the bill needs to be paid. So here are some awesome apps to help make that process easier!


Venmo is a free and secure payment app that allows you to transfer and/or request funds easily.  This app has really immersed itself as leader the last few years and a lot of us at CFC use it regularly.


Splitwise is an app that allows you to split a purchase amongst your group and settle up at the end via Venmo. Think about going out with a group of people and one person pays for the bill at the restaurant, but you are going to get drinks after and another person pays for those. Splitwise will calculate the appropriate amount each member of the group owes. This app works great for trips with friends as it tracks all expenses and charges each person accordingly.

Kickstarter/ GoFundMe

Kickstarter/GoFundMe are great when you have an idea and know it will go viral, but the initial expense is too much for you to pony up right away.  You simply put your idea (flag) on one of these sites and wait until the campaign is funded. Then you can easily place the order and fulfill the product everyone was paid for when production is complete.

It certainly is amazing how far finance technology has come along, and how much less stress there is to get payment from friends or larger groups.

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