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August 8th, 2019

Looking for a Fundraising Idea?

This time next week the schools in our area will be back in school. August has just begun, how can this be right? Schools are always looking to raise money, whether it be for sports teams or clubs. Have you ever thought about designing a mascot flag or school flag? These flags can be sold at sporting events for fans to fly around showing school spirit.

Fundraising Flags

There are a few options when deciding the best way to demonstrate your school spirit with flags.

Custom Flags: These are traditional rectangle flags coming in different sizes, 2’x3’, 2.5’x4’, or 3’x5’. These flags are nylon, finished with canvas header, and two brass grommets. Custom flags use high resolution art, are digitally printed, and show reverse on the back side of the flag. This flag could be mounted to a residential flagpole, fly on an in-ground flagpole, or be held by students on the sidelines or in the stands.

Garden Flags: This flag is 18” tall x 12” wide and is finished with an open sleeve on the top. Garden flags can be displayed on stand alone flag stakes along the football field or outside the stadium.

Auto Window Flags: This is a great way to show school spirit when driving around town, or showing up to school events. The flag is 11” tall x 15” wide mounted to a bracket which can attach to a car window.

Custom mascot or school flags can fly at any sporting or school event, all year long.

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