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July 18th, 2019

Wedding Flags

One year from today, we will be celebrating my daughter, Maddi’s, wedding. The upcoming wedding reminds me how much fun it is to make custom wedding flags for brides and grooms.

Are you wondering how flags could be used in a wedding?

Here are some ways we have seen them used:

  • Custom designed wedding flags can be used to help guide guests to the venue
  • Wedding flags can be used to unite two heritages
  • Hanging wedding flags on the wall can be a simple way to decorate the reception
  • Using garden flags is unique in a few ways, it definitely adds a personalized touch
    1. Lining a walkway with garden flags can be used to include special family members who are unable to make it
    2. Creating a walkway with pictures of the bride and groom is a fun way to see their memories together
  • A fun and unique way to send the bride and groom off is with small personalized wedding flags, it also makes for a great photo opportunity
  • Auto window wedding flags are another way to let everyone around you know it is your wedding day, this can be utilized while traveling from the church to the reception

Using flags for weddings has an added bonus because they can be given away as a wedding favor or kept as a treasured keepsake.

Customized wedding flags make a unique, personalized wedding gift. We can help design the perfect flag for the newlyweds.

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