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July 12th, 2019

Custom Police Department Flags

As a leader in creating custom made flags, we enjoy helping design custom police and firefighter flags. Law Enforcement flags are the perfect way to represent and promote the department.

Police department flags come in many sizes, styles, and finishes.

SIZE: A standard size flag is 3’x5’. This is the suggested size for parade, indoor, or color guard use. If the flag is flying on a flagpole with an American flag, a larger size may be required.

STYLE: The most popular style flag is a traditional rectangle shaped flag. We can also produce guidon or pennant shaped flags. These can be made single side reverse or double sided.

FINISH: Finish options are either header and grommet or pole sleeve. Header and grommet is used for flying a flag on a flagpole, while pole sleeve is common for indoor, parade, or color guard use. These can be finished with or without fringe.

Adams County Sheriff department is a local law enforcement agency in Colorado, we have the privilege of providing custom academy class flags for. Over the past 10-plus years, we have provided over 20 flags, one for each academy graduating class. At the beginning of their training, the class designs a unique flag to represent their group. These flags are 2’x3’, double sided, and finished with a pole sleeve displayed on 6′ silver rotating flagpoles with silver endura bases.

The graphic design of the flags are detailed, but fun. We often create flag designs from drawings, provide design concepts, and convert badges and patches to a vector format. They display each flag set in a common hallway promoting each flag.

We have two full-time graphic artists to help design the perfect police flag. Call, email, or complete a quote form to discuss your flag project.


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