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February 4th, 2019

Retractable Banner Option – Day 20 of 30

Are you looking for an option to provide visibility at a trade show, charity event, or presentation? Banners are an affordable option to display your visibility. Flat banners do have some challenges. How do you travel with them? Is there going to be a place to mount the banner to at the event? Where do you store the banner to preserve the banner? Consider a retractable banner, or as some call them, a roll up banner!

Easy to Assemble: Retractable banners are stored, rolled up and contained in a banner stand, and super easy to use. Simply place the pole in the hole in the base, pull the top of the banner to unroll it and attach it to the top of the pole. If you are height challenged, like me, attach the banner and continue to extend the pole until it is fully retracted.

Professional: Retractable banners provide a professional image. Your customized message will be bright, eye-catching, and beautiful.

Versatile: Marketing messages change and your banner can change along with you! Replacement banners can be printed and reloaded into the original banner stand, making the retractable banner a great value.

Travels well: Retractable banners, the base, and all the hardware include a heavy-duty carrying bag with handle. The roll up banner packs nicely in your vehicle or can be baggage checked, if flying.

Easy Storage: Since the banner is self-contained in a nice carrying case. There is no need to worry about smashing, cutting, or soiling the banner. It will be ready to fly at the next big event.

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