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February 3rd, 2019

Flashback to the Denver Broncos Superbowl – Day 19 of 30

This cool photo came up on my feed from three years ago. This double-sided 6’x10’ flag flew along the sidelines of Superbowl 50.

Superbowl Sunday is so much fun when your home team is playing. Even though my beloved Denver Broncos did not make the playoffs, I will be watching the game. As I watch the Superbowl today, I love the team spirit on both sides. I am excited to see the display of flags, the cool new apparel each team is wearing for the big game, and the patriotic Super Bowl commercials.  I guess this is a strange focus, but it’s a result of my profession!

We are in the business of promoting SPIRIT….good, old fashioned spirit. Patriot spirit by way of flying Old Glory. Team Spirit, whether it is a professional football team flag or a pee-wee baseball flag, they still hold emotion. The flag represents loyalty, honor, hard-work, brotherhood (or sisterhood), grit, and much, much more.

Maybe your team is not playing today, but may the Spirit of the game be alive in your heart.

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