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January 25th, 2019

Header & Grommets or Pole Sleeve? Day 10 of 30

When purchasing a flag the thought of how it will attach to the pole may not be front of mind. Did you know the most popular finish of a flag is header and grommets? Huh? Header and Grommets, what is that? The header is the white strip of fabric along the hoist side of the flag. Header is made with a heavy canvas type fabric or on a really large flag, we would use a webbed type fabric for the header. Grommets are the brass rings on the top and bottom of the flag, inserted on the header. The grommets are how the flag attaches to a pole or hung on a wall. When attaching a flag to a flagpole with rope, snap hooks are needed. When attaching to a residential flagpole, we use EZ Mount rings to attach the flag to the pole. Hooks, nails or thumbtacks can be used to attach a flag to the wall that is finished with header and grommets.

Pole Sleeve is another finish for flags. There are two popular options.

Pole Sleeve for Indoor Flag Sets: This pole sleeve is open on the top to allow the indoor flagpole to be exposed to allow an ornament topper, like an eagle or spear to attach to the pole. This finish extends past the hoist side of the pole and includes a leather tab to attach the flag to the pole.

Closed-Top Pole Sleeve: The type of finish is ideal for displaying the flag when a topper is not necessary. This flag finish is most commonly used for sport team flags that are waved on a sport field.

If you are unsure of which finish to choose, talk to us on how you plan to use the flag. Our trained staff can help you determine what finish will be best for you. If in doubt, we would recommend getting the flag finished with header and grommets, it is the most versatile flag finish.

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