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January 23rd, 2019

Get to know our Staff:: Scott Martin – Day 8 of 30

Get to know our Staff:: Scott Martin – I went to school at CSU and fell in love with the West. After serving in the Army for four years in Anchorage and Arizona, I’m back in Colorado to complete my Master’s degree at Denver Seminary. I’m so excited to be part of the Custom Flag Company Team as I start this new chapter with my two boys and beautiful wife.

Where were you born? Des Moines, IA

Coffee or Tea? Coffee is lyfe

Cat or Dog? Lots of Dogs

PC or Mac? PC!

Mountains or Beach? Beachfront Mountains (in Alaska!)

Cook or Restaurant? Cook

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? In Colorado, it’s pretty much all the same thing.

What is your favorite sport to watch? Presidential elections

We are very happy to have Scott be part of our team!

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