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January 20th, 2019

Get to know our Staff:: Betsy Ross – Day 5 of 30

Strategic Planning - get to know the staff: Betsy Ross

Get to know our Staff: Betsy Ross has been with Custom Flag Company from the day Kim picked her up from the breeder. She is an expertise in flags, even though they can be a little scary. When she was growing up she would come to work everyday, but as she has gotten older she only likes coming to work 1 to 2 days a week. She brings joy to those who visit CFC. People even come in just to visit Betsy.

Where were you born?  California

Favorite food? Cheese

Favorite Activity? Cuddling or running around with my friends

Hours typically worked in a week? 8-16

Dog Bed or Human Bed?  Human Bed

Favorite place to visit? Grandpas House

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? Summer so I can be outside. I love sunshine!

What do you do most of the day? Sleep

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