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January 16th, 2019

New Year, New Challenge – 30 Day Blog Challenge Day 1 of 30

January. A New Year and a new challenge. A fresh 365 days. January, for me, is very goal orientated. I also love challenges during the first few months of the year. Challenges help me focus on something rather than the dark, cold, winter days of January and February. Challenges, whether they are health related (Hello-Dry January!) or business oriented, help me better myself or improve business.

Today, we are kicking off a 30-day Blog Challenge. Why would I do such a thing? First of all, flags are fun! We have fun with flags every day, and want to share that passion. Plus, I would like to start 2019 with a bang! My blogging last year was very sporadic, or should I say non-existent. Yup, Custom Flag Company only blogged 32 times during the entire year of 2018. This 30-day blog challenge will hold me and my team accountable to blog daily. At the conclusion of the challenge, I am sure to beat the number of blogs posted in 2018. Who knew that I am so competitive? Also, with the lack of blogs in 2018, we have a lot of information to share. We want to provide answers to flag questions. We want to be a source to count on when looking for product, services, or etiquette about flags and flag related items. Lastly, our blog is a peephole to who we are at Custom Flag Company. You can learn about our beliefs. You can learn what we are passionate about. You will learn that we are dedicated to providing products that promote Spirit, Image, and Visibility.

My hope at the end of this challenge is that you will learn something new about flags and find inspiration to proudly fly your flag.

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