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August 2nd, 2018

Is A Service Plan Right For You?

Custom Flag Company is well known for our custom flags, but did you know we also have a full service technician team ready to make your life easier with our no hassle service offering? Our service guarantees your spirit, image, and visibility will always be 110%. Is A Service Plan Right For You?

What? What is our service agreement?

Our service agreement includes professional flagpole technicians who come to your location to ensure all your flagpole parts are working properly. While on site, we will change out the flags currently flying with replacement flags, either clean and repair your flying flags or, if necessary, properly dispose of them. We also ensure your rope is in great condition, without excessive wear, as well as your snap hooks or cables.

Who? Who is this service open too?

This service is open to anyone. Whether you are a large corporation, a family run business, or a resident. We are happy to help you!

Where? Where do we service

We are located in Westminster, Colorado and proudly serve the Rocky Mountain Front Range

When? When do we service

When we service is completely up to you. We offering a bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual service schedule. We want to meet the needs of each and every client and understand that each location has different needs.

Why? Why a service agreement
We offer this service to enable our customer to have a worry free experience while maintaining high visibility, spirit and a clean image.

Is A Service Plan Right For You? If so please reach out to Chris, at chris@customflagcompany.com

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