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June 13th, 2018

8 Ideas for Custom Flag Gifts

8 Ideas for Custom Flag Gifts

No matter who I am shopping for I always want to be the one with the best gift. I have found that personalized gifts are always a big hit. Here are some gift ideas with custom flags. I remember I made a personalized sign for my grandpa’s birthday so he could hang it in his garage and I received many compliments. I have compiled a list of various ways to customize a flag for someone in your life, or for an upcoming special event.

Tailgating Flags:

Is there a sports team that they are in love with? Are they the first ones to arrive on game day just after the parking lot has opened up? Create a flag that incorporates their tailgating group with their sports team.

Comic Con:

Maybe they are a marvel maniac. Use their favorite marvel character symbol and add a personalized saying.

Vacation Property:

Do they have a vacation home? Is it on the beach where a flag could fly perfectly over the dock? Or perhaps it is in the mountains and you can have fun and name the cabin or create an emblem.

Music Festival:

Are they constantly traveling to check out music festivals? Or maybe they are groupie? Make them become recognized and easily able to spot while they are doing what they love.


Are they apart of a Jeep or another car club that takes Sunday Fun Day rides together? Give them a flag for their group that can easily be hung at their pit stops.


Take the initials or the wedding hashtag and make it into flag. It could be a great gift as the bride and groom could hang it on their house as they take on the married life.

Farewell Gift:

Do you have an individual starting a new chapter in their life, whether its retirement, going back to school, a new career-help them start on a positive note and send them with a reminder of the friendship they have built.

Family Crest:

Family means everything. And to the family history buff they would love to admire their families crest on a flag hanging proudly. It could even be brought to each family reunion and create a great addition to pictures. Make sure to add the year established!!

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