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May 10th, 2018

Britton Park Neighborhood Flag Project

Britton Park Neighborhood Flag Project

Late last year we were approached by a volunteer from the “Friends of Britton Park” named, Fred Schmidt. He was working with the city of Arvada and Swanson Elementary on a flag project. They wanted to make a new city park as well as an identity for the surrounding “Britton Park” neighborhood. We at Custom Flag Company provided flagpoles and input on the flag pole placement in the park itself. But the real privilege came with working at the nearby Swanson Elementary with the 5th and 6th graders to design their new Britton Park Neighborhood flag.

The school realized and took advantage of the fact that designing a flag is more than writing a name of a place on it.  Flag design needs to pull on history, symbolism, color choice, and aesthetics, to name a few. The Teachers at Swanson Elementary, devised a project that would require the students to fully immerse themselves in the history of the area as well as figure out how to distill the information in a simple, yet profound design.

How Custom Flag Company Helps

The school graciously asked us to come in and speak with the students about flag design. We made a presentation about how to use one’s history and how it can be transformed into symbols and what those symbols can mean. We went over the meaning of colors, placement on the flag, and the importance of the design all working together.  After our presentation, the students were to work up their own designs and we would come back and help judge them.

Upon our return to help judge the designs, we were overwhelmingly impressed with what the students came up with. We were blown away with the amount of critical thinking the students employed to design their flags, just blown away!  After getting through a few rounds of judging we had a handful of finalists that would be presented to the Principal and Fred Schmidt (the neighborhood volunteer) for the final pick.

About a week of anxiously waiting went by, and then we were finally informed of the winner! The winning flag design is comprised of a green background and a tractor to symbolize the agricultural history that was once Britton Park, and a yellow circle to symbolize the connection to Colorado’s State flag and the abundant sunshine that Britton Park enjoys.

Custom Flag Company Wins

Once we knew of the winner, we at Custom Flag Company made the winning design into an actual flag. The winning design was hoisted up a flagpole in Britton Park to symbolize the pride and unity of the neighborhood.  The association, “Friends of Britton Park”, planned a ceremony to christen the park with the unveiling of the new neighborhood flag and having the school participate to celebrate the neighborhood and have everyone share in the pride of their new park.

We at Custom Flag Company, feel extremely thankful that we were considered and able to participate in this Britton Park Neighborhood flag project.  Working with the students was such an incredible time and one we will not forget.  We even made another flag with all the student’s designs on it, because they were all so good.  Thanks again to Fred Schmidt and Swanson Elementary for including us in your project!

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