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April 25th, 2018

What is a Single-Sided Custom Flag?

What is a single sided custom flag

In the flag world, this is a question we get asked everyday. “What is a single-sided custom flag?”, “What is a double-sided flag?”

Single Sided Flag: Ink prints on front side only. Back is Blank

Single Side Reverse Flag: Ink penetrates the fabric, the back of the flag is a mirror image. This is how we make most of our custom flags!

Double Sided Flag: Two prints of the flag sewn back-to-back with block out liner. 

The process we use to make a custom printed flag involves a giant sized printer. The image is printed directly onto white fabric. The ink saturates the fabric resulting in a single side reverse flag. This means the front of the flag reads correctly and the back is a mirror image of the front side of the flag. This is a single piece of fabric and flies nicely.

To make a double sided flag, we print the image twice, sew the flags together (back to back) with a block out liner. This results in a flag that reads correctly on both sides. This flag is three pieces of fabric,  looks amazing but is heavy and takes a lot of wind to pick up to fly.

The human brain can easily read in reverse. Look around, most flags are single side reverse. The American flag is constructed with one piece of fabric, making it single side reverse. 48 state flags are single side reverse. Washington and Oregon have double sided flags.  Sport flags are single side reverse. Military flags are single side reverse.

Allow us to help you with the process of making your flag.

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