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February 21st, 2018

7 Ways to Use Stick Flags in Your Everyday Life

Stick flags come in various sizes, including 4”x6”, 8”x12”, and 12”x18”. I think we often think that American stick flags can only be used on certain flag holidays, or at a cemetery to display an individual’s act of heroism, but instead we can display our proud on a daily basis.

1)      Centerpieces: A flag of any country, or state, can easily become an extra item to help decorate a table or add detail to a simple family gathering. Do you have someone coming in from out of town? Maybe adding their state or countries flag will show how much honor it is to have them as a guest.

2)      Curb Appeal: It is not only up to realtors. Add stick flags to your garden, line each side of your driveway with an American flag, or decorate your neighborhood to embrace the culture.

3)      Give Away: Use simple, low cost flags, made in America flags to provide as a party favor or a bundle for a winning contestant

4)      Desk décor: Place a flag that expresses your personality on your desk to leave your co-workers with a more personalized feeling when they enter your office.

5)      Parking Meter: Help show support, whether for American Pride, a local festival, or an organization by adding US stick flags to the parking meters along main street or near the event location

6)      Bicycle: Add flags to the back of your bicycle so when you are out enjoying a ride the wave in the wind. There are even special bicycle brackets!!

7)      Retail Display: Add extra flare to the basic retail display. For example, on the upcoming Cinco de Mayo holiday- why not add a Mexico flag to show symbolism

Can you think of any other ways to use stick flags?

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