FORE!! Fore Balls or Fore Drinks

With warm weather surrounding us, getting outside and scheduling a tee time is a must. Even if you are thinking, " I do not golf", you will be surprised there is something in it for anyone. Whether it is driving the cart, keeping the cart girl busy, or enjoying the social aspect at least you get to enjoy the weather.  I have recently started golfing myself, and learned that Sergio Garcia makes a difficult task look easy. For me, I never have been able to use one ball to finish a course and always find myself near the ponds or trees. Luckily, their is a flag that fits my style- the 19th hole. The great thing is, these flags are meant for all types of golfers- the serious ones and the ones just looking to have a good time.  Which type of golfer are you? 

Posted on August 2, 2018 .