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June 29th, 2017

Monster Flag

When you think of a monster flag, your mind can do tricks. Maybe you think of monsters under their bed. Or, how about scarry movies. Halloween is filled with little monsters. But here in the flag business, monster flags are very large flags that are custom made. These custom flags are sized 12’x18′ and larger. It can be flown on a large flagpole, 50′ and larger. Another use for this large flag is a backdrop on a stage for a concert or performance. We have provided super large flags for events in hangers.

Custom Flag Company large backdrop banner

The flag above is anique way to display a giant flag. It was used in a m of how a monster flag can be used in an unique setting.  Here it was used in a very large church.

Have questions or considering a monster flag, reach out to us to help you.

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