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June 15th, 2017

Routine Flagpole Service

As a full service flag company, we offer all products and services that are flag related. This includes all products including flags, flagpole, and flagpole parts We also offer services that include flagpole installation, repair of flagpoles, flag mending service, and offer routine flagpole service.

Custom Flag Company Routine Flagpole Service

What is the routine flagpole service?

We offer a convenient service that will ensure that your flags will always look sharp. Also, your flagpole will be inspected routinely. You will purchase flags less frequently.

What do you do during this routine service?

First, we take down current flying flag. Then we hand either a new flag or a fresh, newly cleaned and mended flag. We determine if the flag that was flying can be cleaned and mended. Last,  we inspect the rope, adapter, truck, snap hooks, and all other parts to ensure are all working properly.

How often do you do this service?

The frequency of the our service is determined by the location of your flagpole. Are you on a busy highway with high visibility?   The dirt and pollution from the busy road and the high visibility would require monthly service.  We can help you determine if monthly, every-other month, quarterly, bi-annually, or annual routine flagpole service is best for you.

Are there any other benefits for utilizing the service?

It is proven that frequent cleaning and repairing a flag does prolong the life of the flag. Also, our routine flagpole service customers enjoy a 20% discount on the service call. Plus, our service customers receive priority on our service schedule. Last, it takes one thing off your to do list. You can do your job and not worry about the flags.

If you are interested in joining our routine flagpole service, please call the office or reach out via email.

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