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June 1st, 2017

30′ Flagpole at Saddlehorn Pipeline

We recently installed a 30′ flagpole at Saddlehorn Pipeline. Everyone here at Custom Flag Company helped make that happen. Need a flagpole at a commercial building? Looking for a pole for a park or landmark? Want to show your patriotic spirit at your home? We can assist in the execution of getting your flagpole installed.

We offer a complimentary visit to provide you with information for the proper height for your location. Also, we will assit with the best place to install the flagpole. If you are unsure of the height, the location, or even the type of flagpole needed, a visual would be greatly beneficial to you. During this visit you can explain your vision, how many flags or flagpoles or any other ideas you may have. This is important because some companies, like Saddlehorn, wanted to fly to flags on one pole so therefore they needed a higher grade with a thicker wall thickness in order to withstand the wind without leaning over. It is important to discuss these factors before installation so your true vision can happen.

Reach out to our professionals to help you with your 30′ flagpole.

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