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February 9th, 2017

Flag and Flagpole Anatomy!

Anatomy, the study of the structure or internal workings, which can range from the human body, animals or even flags. Yes, flag and flagpole anatomy is a thing. Everything in this world is made up of structures, and for every structure there is a professional behind it. Thanks to Vexiology , the study of flags there is a specific flag language. When I first started learning all there is to know about vexiology there were very easy vocabulary like a flagpole, cleat, and ornament. As the less common items were brought up in day to day conversations, truck, pulley, adapter, and hoist, I could quickly recognize what they were but understanding the way they function takes years of experience. Feel free to call us, to assist you in keeping your flagpole in great condition and allowing your flag to fly proudly.

External Halyard

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