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December 1st, 2016

Things NOT to do to your flagpole

There are a few precautions we like to give our customers when they buy a flagpole, here are some things not to do to your flagpole.

1. Do not climb your flagpole

When climbing a flagpole, you are putting yourself in danger. You can get seriously hurt (or worse!) from falling off a flagpole.  If there is a problem with the pole, (rope stuck in pulley, flag stuck on flagpole, flagpole topper fell off, or any other reason) give us a call. The height of flagpole, diameter of the flagpole, and type of work needed determines how we will access the top to help you out. The options include steeplejack, bucket truck, and removing the flagpole then reinstalling the pole after repair…..Each case is different and will need to be evaluated case by case.

Speeplejack climbing flagpole

2. Do not overload your flagpole

Flagpoles are manufactured to withstand a certain load or weight. When using an over sized flag that adds pressure to the flagpole and could result in a bent flagpole. This theory also applies when attaching balloons, streamers, or other objects to your flagpole, the extra weight can cause damage to the flagpole.

Overloaded flagpole

3. Do not ignore your flagpole

Flagpoles are essentially maintenance free. However, it is a good idea to check the components annually, at the minimum. Look at the rope. Is it frayed or showing signs of wear? If so, re-roping a flagpole from the ground is simple and the cost is minimal. Waiting for the rope to break requires accessing the top of the flagpole, resulting in time without a flag and additional cost. Is the truck (pulley) sticky? Are the snap hooks wearing? How does the ball or eagle at the top of the pole look? If it is a steel flagpole, is it beginning to rust? Early detection of problems can keep your flag flying proud at all times.

4. Do not lick your flagpole

I know this first hand! One of my youthful “fond” memories includes licking the rod-iron hand rail at her friend’s house every morning on my way to elementary school. Totally disgusting, I know, I have no good reason why I would do this except the rail was the perfect height!  This was my daily ritual until a cold front moved in. Yup, you guessed it, my tongue stuck to the handrail.  I learned that day, don’t lick a cold flagpole or any other metal object

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