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June 10th, 2016

The US Flag, not just another piece of fabric

US Flag 50 stars

Old Glory, Stars and Stripes, the Ole’ Red White and Blue. Whatever it is you call her, she is more than just a flag for some. Fifty stars and thirteen stripes.  It is the middle of flag flying season and history has a million stories about her.

Take a vet for instance; At some point in their life, they signed on a dotted line to say, in short, “I will die for you”. They will go through hell in boot camp, get sent around the world, eat MRE’s and endure awful temperatures hot and cold. They will leave behind family and friends, not knowing if they will come home alive. Knowing they won’t come home whole. War takes a lot out of a person. But their LOVE for America and for the American Flag drives them to this decision.

Our job is built upon her. Each day we order, receive, put away, and ship US flags. When our service team bring to the shop US flags that have been flying, the flag requires careful inspection. Some will be cleaned and repaired. If this is the case, we are mindful of her not touching the ground while this cleaning process takes place. EVER. Sometimes, she has given it her all and its time to retire and be destroyed with the dignity in which she flew. She is given the respect she deserves until the end. Our duty is to respect her in that process, because she represents more than words can describe. 

I love seeing her fly. I sometimes pull over to gaze at her high up on a tall pole. It warms my insides to know I am blessed enough to live in the United States. I love her and all that she represents. Stand up for her. Love her and respect her. Teach your children her meaning. Teach them to stand up for her. Fly her. 

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