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January 26th, 2016

10 ‘Marry Me’ Ideas Using Proposal Custom Flags

Since the holidays, LOVE has been in the air and we have been busymaking proposal cusrom flags. More love with Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and all the summer weddings coming up, it’s not going anywhere for a while!

One of our staff members used a custom printed “Will you Marry Me?” flag to propose and it got me thinking… what are some unique ways to use flags to propose? It’s an unforgettable moment regardless of the way it’s done, but a carefully planned, romantic proposal is 10 times better than an effortless “Hey, will you marry me?”

Custom Flag Company Proposal Flag

We see so many printed or handwritten signs held up for proposals but wouldn’t you rather have a graceful flag in your photos, keepsake box, and memory than a big piece of cardboard or paper?  We’re just a little biased, but we think you’ll agree a custom quality flag is the way to go!

When you summit or reach the end of the trial, whip out the proposal custom flags as you kneel down to propose. Or even better, ask a friend to have their camera ready for when you reach the top… the look on his/her face when he/she sees the sign in front of a beautiful backdrop – priceless. The flag is easy to store and lightweight so don’t worry about getting it up there!

*Recommend: 12”x18” or 2’x3’ Custom

Arrange with the grounds keeper to replace the green flag with a customized “Will you marry me?” golf flag at your favorite hole.

*Recommend: Custom Golf Flag with Golf Tube

Recruit friends or family to be at the top of the ski lift or on your favorite ski trail holding the flag. You could even send him/her on a snowy scavenger hunt by using several flags to make up the message from the top of the mountain to the bottom (be there waiting on one knee!).

*Recommend: 2’x3’ or larger Custom

Draw a heart in the sand with both your initials and plant the flagpole in the middle… the breeze of the ocean will make your flag come alive while you wait on one knee for your one true love to reach you with that sweet, loving, surprised smile.

*Recommend: 3’x5’ Custom

Charter a boat and pre-arrange with the captain to raise the flag during the trip… Nothing around but you, your lover, and the big question! Or, make it a party with friends and family and see how long it takes for him/her to notice the flag. Be ready to drop to one knee in a split second!

*Recommend: 12”x18”, 2’x3’, or 3’x5’ Custom

This is the simple method we all know about but rather than using paper or cardboard, use a flag he/she can keep forever. They are a wonderful keepsake plus the flag is made for outdoor climate and will not get destroyed in the rain or snow.  You can get another one made for your wedding day and fly them both at your venue day-of! Your photographer will love you 😉

*Recommend:  4’x6’ or 5’x8’ Custom

Plant a large amount of stick US flags to form a heart shape on the ground and arrange to have your custom “Will you marry me?” flag raised on the flagpole just as the Fourth of July fireworks conclude. An All-American proposal surrounded by Old Glory.

*Recommend: Small 4”x6” Mounted American Flags, and 4’x6’ or 5’x8’ Custom

Work with a marching band to customize a routine and replace the flagger flags with personalized printed flags with your marriage proposal. Similar to a flash mob but the focus is on music rather than dancing.

*Recommend: Custom 3’x5’ finished w/ Closed Top Pole Sleeve

Try to get someone to let you set up your flag on a float… don’t be afraid to ask, it’s GREAT marketing for the vendor! Or, you could even build your own float and make it an unforgettable moment for everyone around. Whatever you do though, make sure your lover is in the right place, at the right time.

*Recommend: 2’x3’, 3’x5’, or 4’x6’ Custom

We saved the best for last: arrange with a parachute jumper to attach a flag to themselves so your lover can see the message as the parachutist slowly gravitates towards you…he/she will be so surprised they won’t even notice you get down on one knee. You could even jump yourself — get one more thing crossed off your bucket list!

*Recommend: 5’x8’ or larger Custom

Custom Flag Company Engagement Flags

Whether you have artwork or not, we can help you make perfect proposal custom flags! Click here for a FREE quote.

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