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September 17th, 2015

6 Ways to Show Support on Memorial Day

Here are 6 ways to show expression of gratitude and respect for those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms, but also show support for the men and women who are currently fighting to keep our country safe.

Custom Flag Company Memorial day cemetery

1)  Fly the US flag at half-staff until noon. The correct procedure for displaying the flag at half-staff is to raise the flag to the top of the pole briskly, pause for a moment, and then slowly bring it down to where the top of the flag is at a position approximately halfway between the top and bottom of the pole. At noon, the flag should be raised to the top of the flag pole. At the end of the day, the flag should be lowered slowly and ceremoniously for the day.

2)  Fly the “POW/MIA” flag as well once it is at full staff.

3) Visit cemeteries and place flags or flowers on the graves of our fallen heroes.

4) Visit memorials and take part in services sponsored by veterans.
5) Participate in a “National Moment of Remembrance” at 3:00pm. Take a few
moments to reflect on the true meaning of the day and be mindful of the sacrifices
of others in defense of our nation.
6) Make a pledge to aid those families affected by our fallen heroes, and to aid
disabled veterans.
Custom Flag Company is a proud member of FMAA, Flag Manufacturing Association of America, who is dedicated to education and promoting the quality and proper use of flags. We support FMAA and their want for all USA flags to be completely created by products in USA and by proud Americans.

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