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May 20th, 2015

Show Your Patriotism :: Residential Flagpole Kits

Flag flying season kicks off this weekend so it is time to get your residential flagpole kit.

Spring is here! If you are in Colorado, you may not think so. We are getting so much rain! We are so used to blue skies and sunshine that overcast sky and rain has us cranky. Have you braved the rain to look at your flag? Is it tattered? Is your residential flagpole kit in good condition?

Custom Flag Company carries a wide range of residential flagpole kits.  Three of our most popular sets are:

The Patriot is an affordable starter flag kit. It features a ¾” fiberglass flagpole and a printed US flag (Yes, the flag is MADE in the USA!).

We also carry a residential flagpole kit with rotating aluminum flagpole. This flagpole has a 1” diameter and is designed to rotate so the flag does not furl around the pole. Poles are available in white or silver.  To complete the kit, an adjustable bracket finishes to match the pole is available.

Silver Spinning Pole

The Star Bracket Set is the most durable residential flagpole kit available. The 1” diameter aluminum pole has a 1/8” wall thickness.  A Solid Star Bracket is included and features star cut-outs which is unique and beautiful.  A never-furl system completes the kit.

Custom Flag Company has all these flagpole kits (as well as other residential kits and in-ground flagpoles) in stock and ready for pick up or ship.

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