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May 19th, 2015

Golf Tournament Flags :: 5 Steps to secure golf sponsorships

Are you planning a corporate or charity golf tournament? Do you have a solid group of sponsors? Have you ever considered golf tournament flags to promote your sponsors?

Custom Flag Company Golf Tournament Flag

Here are five steps to secure golf sponsorships.

1.       Know your purpose for the golf tournament and make your vision known to volunteers and sponsors. Are you raising money for a cause?  Set a goal and let that goal be known. Is your golf tournament a networking or public relations event? That’s fine too. Sponsors want to build relationships with potential clients.  It is easier to approach sponsors when the purpose and goals of the tournament are clear.

2.       Give your Sponsors amazing Return on Investment (ROI).  The best ROI a sponsor can receive is a new client or customer. Signage at the golf tournament will help golfers remember sponsors.  Golf flags are a great way for golfers to recognize sponsors. The golf flags are finished with a golf tube to be used during the golf tournament on the golf pin. Each golfer will have the opportunity to see the golf flag when putting. The sponsor is presented the golf flag when they are recognized at the banquet. Other signage that is recommended are tee-box signs, practice green signs, driving range signs, banners at registration that can be used at the banquet and sponsorship signage on golf carts. Remember to add sponsor logos to all mailings (snail mail or electronic mail) and in all handouts in player gift bags.

3.       Golf tournaments are judged by the gifts and prizes that are given out. Quality gifts and prizes are perceived as a quality event.  Golf tournament flags are cool sponsorship gifts. The flag can be framed in a shadow box for an elegant presentation.  Sponsors will look forward to a new flag year after year.

4.       Details Matter-From choosing a great golf course to filling the foursomes to securing fantastic volunteers, the details will matter on the day of the event.  Golfers and sponsors alike want to be associated with a well-run tournament.

5.       Stay in contact with your sponsors throughout the year. Begin with a hand written thank you note after the event. Mention how much was raised at the tournament and how the funds raised will help your cause.  Consider referring a client to a sponsor sometime during the year.

We use a template for golf tournament flags. Each look the same with a special golf tournament design, the year of the tournament, the tournament charity or group plus a spot for each sponsors logo. Our graphic department can help design your template for your upcoming golf tournament.

Call or email today for a quote for custom golf tournament flags and happy golfing!

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