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September 30th, 2014

What does the Colorado Flag represent?

Custom Flag Company Colorado Nylon Flag

Flags tells a story and this is the story what the Colorado flag represents. 

The word Colorado is of Spanish origin meaning “colored red”. The colors in the Colorado flag symbolize the elements of the environment of our state.  Colorado is known for the outdoors, our mountains for skiing and the snow, our sun which some say shines 300 days a year( this may or not be true), our never ending blue skies and the red of our soil.

The Colorado flag is made up of 3 equal stripes.  The top and bottom stripe is made of OG (Old Glory) Blue for our blue skies and honoring the national US flag.  These 2 stripes are separated by a white center stripe representing the snow.  The red “C” is centered between the top and bottom blue stripes and represents Colorado.  The C is the color of OG (Old Glory) Red referencing the US flag.  In the center of the C is the gold circle to represent the gold of Colorado and the amount of sun our state is blessed with.

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