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September 4th, 2014

What is Vector Art?

Custom Flag Company - What is Vector Art?

What is vector art image?  How does it differ from a .jpeg, .gif, or raster file?

Raster images, like .jpgs, .gif and bitmaps are made up of a grid of pixels.  Pixels are squares of color arranged in a grid to create an image.  As these blocks of color are enlarged, the image becomes pixelated or blurry because the pixels are just getting bigger.   The typical resolution of a bitmap, or .jpeg may be 72 pixels or dots per inch (dpi).   For example, to create a 3’x5′ flag,  the ideal dpi should be 120 or higher.

A vector graphic on the other hand,  is made up of shapes using curves, and paths such as circles and lines not a specific number of dots.  These paths have a defined start point and finish point.

These paths are used to create simple images to complex designs and specific text font outlines.  The shapes created by the lines, curves, and paths are precise mathematical representations of the graphic.  As the image is enlarged, the lines, curves and paths expand in proportion to each other.  Because of this, the edges of each object is maintained and creates a smooth crisp line.

Vector images are ideal for printing logos as small as business cards to a huge image for a  billboard.

Custom Flag Company is here  to help you create your vector art image or answer any questions you may have.

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