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March 24th, 2014

What is an Appliqued Flag?

What is an appliqued flag? Appliqued flags are hand sewn flags, each element is cut and sewn on to make the design. The complexity of the design will determine the price of an appliqued flag and ultimately if it can be hand sewn at all.

We can make appliqued flags three ways:

  • Single Side Reverse: Front side reads correct, back side appliqued in a mirror image.

  • Double Sided: Two flags appliqued then sewn together-back to back with a liner

  • Single Sided: Appliqued on front, blank on back.

Single Side Reverse

Appliqued flags have amazing craftsmanship but not all flags can be hand-sewn. When the complexity of the design is very detailed another alternative may be suggested to make your custom flag. Call Custom Flag Company to quote your flag today.

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