How to determine what height of flagpole for your home

Spring is here! The trees are budding and the tulips are peeking up from the frozen soil. Yard work and landscape jobs are a priority as we enjoy a beautiful lawn and garden for the summer. Thinking about an in-ground flagpole?    We offer many types and finishes of in-ground flagpoles. We can help you determine what type of flagpole works best for you.

First, lets determine how tall of flagpole  would best enhance your property.

  •     Do you live in a single story or two-story home?
  •     Do you live on a traditional neighborhood with standard size lots?
  •     Do you live on acreage?
  •     Will the pole be set near the house or away from the home?
  •     If you live in a one story home & want the flagpole close to the house – no more than 20’ flagpole
  •     If one story set away from the house 20' or 25’ flagpole
  •     If two story close to the house or a single story home on acreage – 25’ flagpole
  •     If two story set away from house  25’to 30’ flagpole
  •     If two story set away from house on large lot or acreage -- 35’ or tall

25' Flagpole at a single story home with a large lot

Posted on April 12, 2013 and filed under Flag Facts.