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April 15th, 2013

What is the difference between an External Halyard & Internal Halyard flagpole?

As you are working through the process of purchasing a flagpole you will want to understand the major differences between Internal & External Halyard flagpoles.

External: Rope on the Outside

Internal: Rope on the Inside

Halyard:  Fancy word for rope


External Halyard – The rope runs up and down on the outside of the flagpole.  The benefits of an external halyard flagpole is the ease of use and costs less than an internal halyard flagpole.The rope is held down with a cleat and the rope runs up to a pulley system at the top of the pole known as a truck. This is a “traditional” flagpole, similar to what you might remember at your elementary school.

External Halyard

Internal Halyard – the rope or cable and components are inside of the pole.  The benefits of an internal halyard flagpole this system prevents theft, vandalism and is typically less noisy.  We offer two types of internal halyard flagpoles:

Internal Halyard

Cam-Action cleat internal halyard flagpole has the  rope concealed by a locking door that restricts access to the rope for raising and lowering the flag.  This internal halyard flagpole is so simple to use and basically zero mechanical complications.

Winch mounted inside the flagpole shaft and operates only with a removable crank handle. The  stainless steel cable unwinds from the winch and passes up through the inside of the flagpole shaft & over the Truck sheave.

Whichever style you decide, know you are getting a great flagpole. We stock all sizes and styles of flagpoles. Call for a quote.

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