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April 13th, 2013

What type of flagpole should I get?

I want a flagpole!What are my options?

We offer three materials for in-ground flagpoles:  Aluminum, Fiberglass and Steel.

Aluminum: This is the most common type of flagpole. Aluminum come in one-piece shafts, two-piece commercial shafts, telescoping, sectional flagpoles. Aluminum flagpoles are available in silver, clear anodized, bronze, black and custom colors.    Aluminum flagpoles are available in either internal or external halyard.

Aluminum Flagpole What type of flagpole should I get?Fiberglass: White in color and available with external or internal components. Finished with high luster finish and essentially maintenance free.

Steel: We manufacture steel external halyard flagpoles and recommend steel for residential flagpoles or a great way to fly attention flags. The steel is raw and we paint to color of choice (typically silver, white or black). The benefits of steel is the strength and cost. Steel flagpoles do require maintenance (painting) every couple years.

We stock a large inventory of new & used flagpoles. Come by or call for more information!

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