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February 19th, 2013

Ink Jet vs. Dye Sublimation Custom Printed Flags. What is the Difference?

Ink jet and dye sublimation flags are printed on Dacron which is very similar to nylon. The standard finish is header and grommet or we could add a pole sleeve or special finish.


Ink fully penetrates through the flag

Ink only prints on one side of flag

Back side is printed in a mirror image

Back side is blank

Only available in Single Side Reverse (mirror image on back)

Only available in Double Sided-two prints sewn together with a liner-reads correctly

Best flag for outdoor use on a flagpole

Best flag for indoor use

The lines on an ink jet are a bit jagged up close. Cannot see the imperfections from a few feet back

The lines on a dye sublimation flag are clear and crisp.

Best value for a custom printed flag

Highest resolution so it is best option for very complex or photography

Half Fast subs flag

Please email or call us. We would love to help you get the perfect flag for YOU!

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