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February 3rd, 2013


When you think of the Super Bowl the first thing you think of is football, right? Ahem..well only if my beloved Denver Broncos are playing but I LOVE the commercials, it provides exposure.
It seems like the only way I watch television these days is with my DVR so I rarely see commercials and look forward to the fresh, new, witty commercials aired during the Super Bowl. Sure, I will watch the game, oh, I mean the half-time show but my main focus is the commercial breaks.

What an amazing way to gain exposure and market share but most advertisers will go viral and be the topic of discussion around the water cooler Monday morning. Not all of us have $3,800,000 (yes, 3.8 MILLION dollars) for 30 second slot during the Super Bowl so I would like to offer a few ways to help you with your exposure:

We are to help you with YOUR exposure. Let me know your favorite commercial aired during the Super Bowl!

Arvada Hockey Event Tent - Exposure

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