Scott Celebrates 5 Years with CFC

Today we celebrate Scott. He joined CFC five years ago as our bookkeeper/accountant. He is trustworthy, loyal, and has a quirky sense of humor. He is the father of two teenage boys and the husband of Michelle (Kim’s sister). He is running his second half marathon this weekend in Napa Valley, in under four months. Thanks Scott for your enthusiasm, willingness to help CFC outside of numbers, and bring laughter to the workplace!

Favorite Smell:
Fresh Chocolate Chip Cookies

Favorite Actor: “Ron Swanson” Parks & Recreation

Favorite Sport Team: Denver Nuggets

Favorite Sport: Golf. I hate how poorly I play

Favorite Band: The Doors

Favorite Movie: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Favorite Pastime: Watching Television

Favorite Vacation: The next one, Napa

Favorite Food: BLT

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld or The Office

Posted on February 27, 2019 .

Home Builder Flag Products - Day 29 of 30

Next week Custom Flag Company embarks to Las Vegas to exhibit at the National Association of Home Builders International Builder Show. This is a three-day event with about 85,000 attendees. As a flags supplier of all types to the Home Building industry for over 20 years, our expertise can help builders drive buyers to their model homes. When developing a marketing program for a new community, flags should be a key component to the master plan.

Here are some popular products used by home builders:

  • Tall Attention Flags, we call VIS Flags, can be custom branded, directing buyers to communities, model homes, or an open house.  These flags are tall, usually 13’ to 16’ tall with the width 2’ to 3’ wide. Most are branded with a custom message, but they can be a simple design or a solid color. They are finished with a reinforced, closed top pole sleeve along the left side of the flag. Typically, multiple VIS flags are flown on a corner, down a street and the movement directs prospective buyers to the community.

  • Flying a large American Flag at the model helps direct the buyer. They may be several blocks from the model but seeing the US flag flying high above the roof line will guide prospects to the model. We are a certified seller of American flags that are 100% Made in the USA.

  • Custom Branded Flags helps identify the builder of the model or community. A great use of custom flags is when several builders are in one development, flying a custom flag under the US flag helps the prospect remember the builder.

  • Wave Banners are a good option when flags are only needed for a short time at a community. Also, the best use of this type of flag and pole is when it can be brought inside each evening. This is a good product to fly at the front door of a model home.

These items just represent our most popular items for home builders, we have so many items to help promote home builders. Consider an annual purchase for all communities to take advantage of the deep discounts for large, bulk orders.

Posted on February 13, 2019 .

Pet Flags - Day 28 of 30

Have you ever thought about getting a flag with your pets photo? We have a large demand for pet flags. Typically, they are used for an event, a gift, or to memorialize a beloved pet. With a high resolution photo, a flag can be made with your fur-friend on it!

Here are some flags we helped make of their pet:

We are pets lovers, we enjoy making any pet flag!

Submit and inquire today or call for a quote 303-431-117

Posted on February 12, 2019 .